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Why Choose Us?
Quick Delivery
Need funds in a hurry? We're here to help! Waiting for money is no fun at all, so we don't make you wait. You can expect the funds either today or the following business day.

If you need a reason to trust us, ask our customers or look at our spotless complaint record. In the tens of thousands of loans we have issued, we have a flawless record of helping our customers solve their financial problems without causing them additional trouble.

Pleasant Staff
Sometimes talking to a bank can be a very unpleasant experience. They are impersonal and sometimes outright rude. You will never face something like that when you talk to our friendly and pleasant staff.
The Process
Basic Information

To get started you'll need to provide us with your driver's license, Social Security Number, full name and address. This will allow us to pull your credit report which we'll have to examine in order to determine your eligibility.


Once we have your application information, we'll need to know where to send the money and we'll have to know whether your income originates from employment.

To do this we'll have you install a program on your computer. This program will let you log in to your online banking so that you can send us a screen capture of the past month's transactions.

Scheduled Payment
We'll automatically take the repayment from your account so there's nothing you need to do other than make sure that the necessary funds are available.

When To Use Them
When You Don't Need Much Money

You can only borrow up to $500 or 50% of your net paycheck, whichever is smaller. If you need more than that then you are looking at the wrong sort of financial product. Under those circumstances you should possibly consider a payday loan for a stopgap between now and getting a larger, lower rate loan from a bank, but that's as far as you should be going down this road.

When It's Really Urgent
Even for a relatively small amount of money, you'd be better off getting a credit card and going for a cash advance in most cases. Paying 15% just to save a few days or weeks is not a great bargain. If you do need the cash right away, or if your credit is too damaged to allow you to qualify for a credit card, then we are certainly your best choice.

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